Zamiin uud

Zamiin uud

Zamiin Üud”gateway to the road”, is a sum, and at the same time the capital, of the province of Dornogovi. The population of the capital Zamiin-Üud is about 15000 inhabitants. The city is located on the old commercial road between Beijing and Ulan Bator. Today it’s the most important commercial crossroads between Mongolia and the People’s Republic of China, through Erenhot. The Trans-Mongolian’s railway goes through Zamiin Üud.

The “Zamiin Üud”, free economic zone was officially created in 2004. It extends on 900 hectares between Zamiin Üud city and the Chinese border. The region greatly benefits from the expansion of the cross-border trade.


Zamiin Üud enjoys a desertic-type climate, with a very long, very cold and very dry winter, and a short, warm summer. Most of the rain falls in Summer. It may snow in May and September.

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