Uureg Lake

Uureg lake

This little saline lake, located 100km away from Ulaangom, the capital of Uvs province, is between the Turgen and Tsagaan Shuvuut mountains. The lake stretches over 19.5km for 18km width for 65.5km shoreline length. Several rivers and streams such as Tsagdul andKharigiin flow into its waters. Water temperature ranges between 14-15°C at the mouth of the lake with Kharigiin river, and is 12-13°C in central part. During winter time, from October to May the lake freezes with 1,2-1,5 meters thick layers of ice. Uureg is a semi-desert region with an arid vegetation, reminding the region of Gobi. It is the home of threatened species such as Swan Goose and Pallas’s Fish-eagle. On the site also live typical species of the Eurasian steppes such as Red foxes and Pallas’s Cats.

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