Ulaagchiin khar Lake

Ulaagchiin khar lake

Ulaagchiin Lake Khar is located West from the Khangai range, 1980 metres (6496,06 metres) above sea level. It’s located 80 kilometres (49,71 miles) Northeast from the sum of Erdenekhairkhan, in the province of Zavkhan, and 110 kilometres (68,35 miles) fromUliastai.

This turquoise-blue lake offers an astonishing spectacle. It’s surrounded by the sand dunes of Bor Khyar that litterally dive into its waters. The Tudevtei mountains at North, Burkhantolgoi and Burgast ones at East, Tovkhosh ones at Southwest, perfectly complete the landscape. Lake Khar is 48 metres (157,48 feet) deep, it stretches on 30 kilometres (18,64 miles) long and 5 to 10 kilometres (3,11 – 6,22 miles) wide. On the lake, you can see two islands: Ikh, “big”, and Baga, “small”, Avkhash. This fish-rich lake will delight the fishermen/women, while the birds lovers will watch thirteen endemic species.

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