Turgen Mountain

Turgen mountain

Located in Bayan-Ulgii province, 40 km away south from Ulaangom city, Turgen Uul mountain range belongs to the National Park of Uvs. Also called Tsaagan Deli by the locals, meaning the White Heron, Turgen is among the highest summit of the Altai mountain range. Covered by snow over 50km2, the highest peak is at 3,965m. The high plateau and mountain valley nestled between the glaciers offer an exceptional surrounding for the trekking lovers or even for the ones avid of photographies. The forests of birches and the Moson Gol River set at its foothills, will take the explorers out of the beaten track, in places remaining untouched by man. In the region, it can also be seen rare animals such as argali sheep, ibex and snow leopard.

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