Tsetserleg city


Tsetserleg is the capital of the province of Arkhangai. It is located 1691 metres (1,1 mile) above the sea level, South Bulgan Mount, 468 kilometres (291 miles) from Ulan Bator. Its name means “garden” in Mongolian ; it’s actually one of the most green cities of the country.


This charming city has 20.000 inhabitants. It was founded in 1616 in the heart of the mountains of Arkhangai. Tsetserleg is an old commercial and cultural centre, where the first Khalkh Zaya Pendita, Luvsanperenlei (1642-1715) built a monastery. The city was the capital of the venerable Zaya Pendita Khutagt’s Khalkh principality. This lama was in power, that’s why there are so many monasteries in this area. Just outside the city, there is a source of mineral water famous for its therapeutic virtues against stomach and liver aches, and problems of digestive system.

Tsetserleg today

Tsetserleg has an airport, but no regular flight from and to Ulan Bator. We find a theatre, hotels, a hospital and an agricultural school. The main industry is food-processing industry.


Tsetserleg enjoys a humid continental climate that benefits to all the centre of the country. The climate is milder than in the other provinces of the country, not too hot in Summer and not too cold in Winter. January is the coldest month in Mongolia, but Tsetserleg remains the least cold place of the country : the temperatures very rarely drop below -30°C (-22°F). They rather fluctuate between -20°C and -25°C (-4°F to -13°F) at night, and between 0 and -15°C (32°F to 5°F) during the day.

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