Terelj National Park

Terelj national park

Gorkhi – Terelj National Park, meaning “stream – rhododendron”, is located 55 kilometres (34,18 miles) East Ulan Bator, 1600 metres (0,99 mile) above the sea level, in the strictly protected area of Khentii. A tarred road connects the national park to the capital ; you need to allow 1.30 to 2.00 hours to go there.

The government placed this 2932 hectares territory under its protection in 1995. it’s a mountainous area composed of wooded steppes. We find many species of birds (250), elks and bears. Many rocky formations sculpted by erosion will delight rock-climbing fans. In plains, we can see wild flowers and edelweisses. Many rivers flow through the park, notably the Tuul, the Terelj and the Baruunbayan Rivers.

While the first 20 kilometres (12,43 miles) of the park have been developed for tourism (we find there many yurts camps, and some of them have very high quality equipment), the rest of the park offers a very wild land on 2864 square kilometres (1105,80 square miles), and most of the park is not accessible to vehicles.

Near the entrance of the park, we can see many rocky formations, notably the turtle rock,“melkhi khad”, a surprising 24 metres (78,74 feet) high rocky formation reminding a turtle, or the rock of the old man reading.

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