Ogii Lake

Ogii lake

Lake Ögii is located 1337 metres (0,83 mile) above the sea level, in the EasternArkhangai. It is 7,9 kilometres (4,91 miles) long, 5,3 kilometres (3,29 miles) wide, and covers an area of 25 square kilometres (9,65 square miles). Its maximal depth is 15,3 metres (50,20 feet), but more than half the lake is less than 3 metres (9,8 feet) deep. It’s a very fish-rich lake (pikes, perches, carps, burbots, stone loaches, etc.) and an important place where the migratory birds usually stop, notably those belonging to family Anatidae. The local inhabitants consider the lake as a place of worship.

Many yurts camps are settled on its banks and it’s possible to rent canoes. Fishermen and fisherwomen will enjoy casting their fishing rod in the waters of the lake.

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