Menen Steppes

Menen steppes

Menen steppes are the biggest of the country but also in the world, covering thus an area of 5400 km2. Streched from the eastern part of Mongolia, in the Dornod province, to the west near Buir lake, Menen is still a pristine area, which has preserved tis natural habitatfor the abundant fauna and flora. In fact, this land is the home of many species such aswolves, foxes, Pikas…and also counts the biggest migration of antelopes of Asia : 1.2 million. The mongolian steppes including Erdenetsagan, Matad and Khalkh has been aprotected area since 1992, in order to preserve the ecosystem. Its rolling countryside, with its greeny scenery laid next to Numrug and Khalkh Gol rivers. Menen steppes are divided into two parts : on the North, Kherlen from the mentioned river ; and on the South, Tamsag. The surface is even with an average altitude from 500 to 1200 meters above sea level.

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