Kharkhiraa Mountain

Kharkhiraa mountain

Kharkhiraa belongs to the Turgen Uul mountain range located in the Uvs province. Being part of the Altai range, Kharkhiraa streches over 100km south. The average altitude is 3400m, with the highest point Tsagaan Shuvuut at 4037meters. Three rivers originate from the glacial snowmelt and ice.

During summertime, the area is a good place for trekking and horse riding. The Khotons are the nomads living in this region. You may see them looking after their herds, in this unspoiled scenery, where rare species still live there. On the lucky days, it can be observedsnow leopard, ibex or even the argali.

Difficult to not fall in love with this country, when you find yourself in an almost untouched land by man where there are snow-capped mountains, alpine tundra and forested taiga.

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