Dariganga Natural Park

Dariganga Natural Park

The Dariganga Natural Park was created in 2004 to protect several natural sites among which Lake Ganga, Moltsog Els sand dunes, and the extinct volcano Altan Ovoo..

Lake Ganga

Ganga is a freshwater lake located 12 kilometres (7,46 miles) from the sum of Dariganga, province of Sukhbaatar. Winds have brought from desert the sands that surrounds the lake. The lake was formed by 21 sources, among which Dagshin source. It covers an area of 4 square kilometres (1,54 square mile) and its name means eternal. The place has a microclimate due to combination of steppe and desert.

Rare birds inscribed on the Mongolian Red List live nearby the lake all year long, such as common crane, swan, and wild goose. Besides the place is renowned for having housed 1000 migrant swans at the same time.

Northeast Lake Ganga, the “Orgikh” source has a very cold and clear water. It rises from 50 metres deep in the middle if the sand. Mongolians say that the louder they shout, the more the water rises. .

The extinct volcanoes of Dariganga

East sand dunes of Motsog Els, nearby the village of Dariganga, the extinct volcano Altan Ovoo, also called Dari Ovoo, is 1354 metres (4442,26 feet) high. Dariganga people worship the volcano. On its top, there is an ovoo that is forbidden to women. In 1913, the mount get sacred thanks to a decreet from Bogdo Gegeen. From its top, watching towards Southeast, you can see the volcano Shiliin Bogd, and, watching towards Southwest, several other craters. 
 Bordering the sums of Dariganga and Naran, on the occidental side of the volcano Buyan Dulaan, covered with a huge vegetation because of its old activity, a cave formed 1752 metres (5748,03 feet) above sea level. To enter the cave, you have to crawl on 20 metres (65,62 feet) before being able to stand. In the center, about ten persons can stand.

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