Dadal Soum

Dadal soum

Dadal is a small city located at 590 km north-est of Ulan Bator, famous for being the place of birth of the greatest leader of Mongolia, Genghis Khan!

This area is a gorgeous natural reserve where you can have a rest enjoying the lakes around, rivers and forests. The village is a quiet yet very charming place outside of the tumult of the capital city.

What is interesting to visit around, are the wooden yurts that welcome you, and themuseum dedicated to the great khan. There you can see paintings related to his story, and his descendants. A map depicts the empire at that period as well for reference. This by itself is a wonderful trip inside of Mongolia’s history, with wooden accessories and old yurts to observe!

The discovering of this area would not be completed without seeing the Genghis Khan obelisk that is erected in a camp nearby. It has been built in 1962 to honor the birth of Mongolia’s great leader.

Outside of the town, it is possible to see a Stupa memorial, built after the communist period to honor the 607 people (mainly of Buriat ethnicity) that have been prosecuted and purged from 1930. Three Stupas are here to remember them, at a time where Buriat people were thought conspiring against Mongols in league with the Japanese.

Few kilometers up north you can end you journey visiting the Deluun Boldog, at the location said to be the possible spot where Genghis Khan was born around 1162.

On this hill, you can feel the attachement of the Mongols for their history, with a stone engraved telling the story of his birth, and a large Ovoo at which people are offering food to nature. The scenery is wonderful and you can go on a hike on this area.

All of this area is a natural reserve in the province of Khan Khentii, covering the northern part of Mongolia and touching Russia. You can enjoy nature, fish, spot wildlife and rest in a fancy Ger camp. Be sure to visit this beauty when coming to Mongolia!

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