At the same place as Khamar Monastery, is located one of the most sacred places for the Buddhist believers, the Shambala.

According to the Tibetan believes, the Shambala is a legendary kingdom located in Central Asia, but whose precise place remains unknown. It’s a quiet place, where all the inhabitants could live in joy and harmony.

Mongolian people think that the entry to this chimerical kingdom is exactly there, nearKhamar Monastery. So the place became a popular place of pilgrimage and attracts many believers from the whole world. They come there to go back to their roots, to meditate, or to take good care of themselves by using the particular energy that comes form the earth. Besides this place is also called the energy centre. There are many ritual acts and prayers for the visitors to recover forces, good energies and spiritual serenity.

Nomads also think that the water of the source that flows nearby has great healing properties.

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