Khoton Lake

Khoton lake

Khoton Lake is jointly bounded to Khurgan lake, nestled at 2800 meters, in the northern part of the Altai mountain range. The high capped peaks and the glacial moraines surrounding represent 1341 million square meters . Its surface area is 50 km2 with an average depth of 26 meters. It is early in autumn that the lake starts freezing to get until 1.7m ice thickness at the core of winter. The greenish and greyish colors of the waters contrasts with the magnificent snow capped summits. In late spring, the waters of the lake start to be fed again with the melting ice of the summits, but also by the 10 rivers flowing in it. A small island emerges on the surface, with on its top a forest and bushy trees. On the shoreline of the lake, a dense forest is home to many species of birds. The site is also an ideal place for fishing due to the abundance of fish in its cristal clear water.

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