Bogd Khan Palace & Museum

Bogd khan palace

Bogd Khan’s Palace

The Bogd Khan Palace is one of the most important monuments of Mongolian history and architecture. It was built between 1893 and 1906 and is composed of two parts:

  • The Summer Palace has seven temples and pagodas; it’s a magnificent well-preserved Chinese-styled place of worship;
  • The Winter Palace is a two-storeyed European-styled building built by Russian architects.

For about twenty years, the Winter Palace had been serving as winter residence for the eighth Buddhist leader of Mongolia, the Bogdo Javzandamba Agvaanluvsan and his wife, Queen Dondogdulam. The door of the main temple is dedicated to the eighth Bogdo, leader of State and Church. It’s the last residence that still exists among the four residences where the last Bogdo Khan lived. The Palace was nationalized in 1924 then restored in 1961 and transformed in museum in 1974 under the name of Bogd Khan Museum.

Bogd Khan Museum

Bogd Khan Museum houses a big part of the political and religious history of Mongolia between 17th and 20th centuries, and also artefacts created by the most important masters of that period, notably Zanabazar. More than 8000 objects are shown in the museum, 72 of them have a State certification because they’re unique or have a priceless value.

Are notably shown :

  • Sculptures from Zanabazar, among them 21 from the famous Taras;
  • A collection of personal objects belonging to the last Bogd Khan and his wife, notably a jacket in yellow brocade, decorated with about 22000 small pearls, and of course, his crown;
  • A large collection of Buddhist art objects. Have a particular view on the paintings ofMarzan Sharav that show with humour and irony Mongolians’ dairy life scenes in the last century;
  • A collection of the presents the foreign dignitaries have offered, for example golden boots, or a chair that played music when someone at on it, both offered by Nicholas 2 of Russia ;
  • A coat made with the skin of 80 foxes, that the Manchu king Enkh-Amgalan offert to Zanabazar. It’s decorated with 61 pieces of coral and 800 pearls;
  • A hat made with the leaves of a santal tree, that was offered to Bogd Khan Zanabazar by the fifth Dalai Lama;
  • A yurt covered with the skin of 150 snow leopards;
  • In the Summer Palace, we essentially can see old statues of deities;
  • A tent houses statues of birds, animals, and one of a horseman.

Each year, two religious rituals take place in the Bogd Khan Palace; during them the spirits of sky and water are worshiped.

How to go there

The Winter Palace is located about 1,5 kilometres (0,93 mile) south Sukhbaatar Square. You will have to walk along Bayangol hotel, walk across Peace Bridge and then go on straightforward until Zaisan road crosses airport road. Here is Winter Palace.

The museum is open every day from 9 to 17. It’s closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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