Badarkhundaga Lake

Badarkhundaga lake

Lake Badarkhundaga, whose name means “begging bowl”, is a glacial lake nestled in a corrie right under the Southern side of Mount Otgontenger. This freshwater lake is very deep, it stretches on 400 metres (1312,34 feet) long and 320 metres (1049,87 feet) wide. It’s a sacred place that the locals regard as Vajrapani’s begging bowl.

Here, North from the sacred Mount Otgontenger, the official offering of the Mongolian State were presented to Vajrapani. Traditionally, offerings included a white horse with silver saddle and bridle, or a silver cup decorated with nine precious stones. After 1821, each year, silver, gold, corals, pearls and silver bars were offered to the lake.

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