Mongolian barbecue Khorkhog & Boodog

Mongolian barbecue Khorkhog & Boodog

The most typical and surprising dish of Mongolian cooking is certainly the traditional Mongolian barbecue.

This cooking method for meat is used for special occasions and the least we could say is that Mongolians are mad about it (and soon, you’ll ask for some more too!). The basic technique consists in cooking the meat, mainly goat, mutton or marmot, on stones previously heated up directly in the fire.

For the khorkhog, the warm stones are placed with the meat and the vegetables (potatoes, carrots and cabbages) in a pot hermetically closed, then the whole is cooked on the fire for about 30 minutes.

For the boodog, the basic technique is the same, but instead of a pot, we place the stones, the meat and the vegetables in the previously cut up abdomen of the animal.

Honestly, cooking directly on the stones gives the meat a special and delicious taste. The meat lovers will love it, while the vegetarians will go on their way with no regret.